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All my files are for personal use. I do not charge for any files I create. I share them here for others to use for personal use only. Please do not use them to submit for contests, etc. without getting my permission first. Please give credit where credit is due. I will try to do the same. This means I will try to identify where I got an item or a project if I didn't create it myself and there is an identifable source. Sometimes however I use basic clipart or coloring pages. You may however share these files with others for their personal use (you may not charge for them - you may pass them on for free) or you may point them here to my blog to get the files themselves. If a download file is available, it will appear at the bottom of the post and will be in a different color text.

PLEASE NOTE: I reside in the USA where we use the MM/DD/YYYY date format on computers (and in everything else we do!) If you are outside the USA where they use the DD/MM/YYYY date format on computers, you MAY experience an "Unhandled exception" error when you try to open one of my Cricut DS files. It is an error related to the date format. An easy fix is available at SusanBlueRobot's Blog. Susan has a simple HexEdit program and directions which will allow you to alter the date so you can use the files. Note: This is only an issue if the save date of the file is after the 12th of the month! It is also only an issue with DS files. I have never seen this issue with MTC or SCAL.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Play Ball! Word Book

Here is the Play Ball! Word Book I created to share in a "Swap" in the Design Studio Forum on the Cricut Message Board. My DS plays baseball. I hope that you like it. The .cut file is designed for the 6x12 mat, it uses Basecamp for the letters, George for the "pages" and the Baseball Solution Cartridge for the bat and ballplayer. Download the PlayBallWordbook.cut file.

Downloading & Saving a Cricut Design Studio .cut file that has been uploaded to the MessageBoard as a .txt file

Double click on their uploaded “Attachment” that is showing in the bottom of their posted message: This should open up a pop-up Right click on the file name: For example: “name.txt” and do a “Save Target As. .” (Note: it should have the .txt extension, if it doesn't - it probably isn't a .cut file but a picture). This should pop-up your save window. Make note of where you are saving the file. NOTE: At the bottom of the pop-up window are TWO Boxes. One says “File Name” and one says “Save as type”. You have to change the file name to include the .cut extension, for example : “name.cut” and THEN you have to CHANGE the “SAVE AS TYPE: from “Text Document” to “All Files”. Then hit the save button. Open up your Cricut Design Studio software, go to the menu to open your file, locate your file on your computer and open it. You should now have the .cut file open in your software and ready to proceed!!

Saving a .cut file as a .txt file to Upload to the Cricut Message Board

On your Circuit DesignStudio Desktop do a “File – Save As” This should open up a pop-up window on your computer screen. Note the “File Name:” box and “Save as Type” Box at the bottom of the pop-up window. Rename your file name to be “Filename”.txt instead of .cut and change the “Save As Type” to “All Files” instead of “Cricut Files (*.cut). Now hit “SAVE” button. This should save your file as a .txt file.

Now TO UPLOAD the .txt file to the Cricut Message Board: Go to Cricut Message Board and sign-in and go to the forum where you want to post a new message and add your .cut file (I would usually do this in the Design Studio Forum as this is where most people looking for .cut files would look). Click on the “New Post” button at the top of the screen: This should open a new popup window on your computer.

Note underneath the “Message” area where it says “File” then next to that it says “Click here to upload” and then a check box and then “embed picture in post”. You want to click on where it says: “Click here to upload”. You will get another smaller popup windown on your computer screen. Click on the “Browse” button - it will open another popup window to “Choose File” and locate the .txt file that you created in the previous steps and highlight it and hit the “Open Button”. Once you open you will go back to the previous smaller popup window. Note that now the previously empty box next to the “Browse” button has now been filled in (it is listing where on your computer to upload the file from). Now hit the “OK” button. If the file uploads successfully you should get another popup window on your screen. Click on Okay. This will return you back to your original “New Post Screen”. Make sure you have finished your “message” and then click the “Okay” button. Hopefully, you will then get a final pop-up like you do when you post a normal message that says your message has been successfully posted. Congratulations. You should now have a cut file saved as a .txt file as an attachment to your post. People who visit the message board can download this file and save it as a .cut file instead of a .txt and have your .cut file that you designed without having to go to an outside server like MediaFire!!

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