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All my files are for personal use. I do not charge for any files I create. I share them here for others to use for personal use only. Please do not use them to submit for contests, etc. without getting my permission first. Please give credit where credit is due. I will try to do the same. This means I will try to identify where I got an item or a project if I didn't create it myself and there is an identifable source. Sometimes however I use basic clipart or coloring pages. You may however share these files with others for their personal use (you may not charge for them - you may pass them on for free) or you may point them here to my blog to get the files themselves. If a download file is available, it will appear at the bottom of the post and will be in a different color text.

PLEASE NOTE: I reside in the USA where we use the MM/DD/YYYY date format on computers (and in everything else we do!) If you are outside the USA where they use the DD/MM/YYYY date format on computers, you MAY experience an "Unhandled exception" error when you try to open one of my Cricut DS files. It is an error related to the date format. An easy fix is available at SusanBlueRobot's Blog. Susan has a simple HexEdit program and directions which will allow you to alter the date so you can use the files. Note: This is only an issue if the save date of the file is after the 12th of the month! It is also only an issue with DS files. I have never seen this issue with MTC or SCAL.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More .svg Files to share - wine bottle, champagne glass, chocolate kiss, breast cancer ribbon and Statute of Liberty

Here are some .svg files to share with you. These cannot be used with Design Studio (DS) but may be IMPORTED into SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) and then cut with your Cricuts. Download the Champagne Glass. Download the Wine Bottle, Download the Chocolate Kiss, Download the Breast Cancer Ribbon, Download the Statute of Liberty. Note: The "size" of the objects here doesn't matter. You may easily resize any of these to any size that you can cut with your Cricuts. You are limited only by the size your machine will cut.

See Tammy's beautiful breast cancer hope card that she made with the breast cancer ribbon here:

Thanks for sharing Tammy.  Check out all of Tammy's beautiful work on her blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is a .cut file, a .scut file and a .svg file and what does it matter?

I see a lot of confusion on the Cricut MB about .cut, .scut and .svg files and what they are used for. I will see if I can give a brief explanation that will help you understand. First, Provocraft (PC) created a software for use with your cricuts that is called Design Studio (DS). DS allows you to create new images/objects by using images/objects from those that are on PC's cricut cartridges that you purchase. You do this usually by joining them (welding them together to cut as one new object). You can not "draw" your own objects with DS. You can only use objects from the cartridges. It is also important to note here that you can DESIGN or CREATE objects with ANY cartridge that PC has out and that is loaded in your DS software (note: PC is slow to update the software so it is possible that a cartridge may be out for a little while before it is available for use in the DS software). HOWEVER, you can only CUT the designs you create IF you OWN (or can borrow from a friend) the cartridges used. When you create a file using the DS software and save it, it creates a file name with an extension of .cut. A .cut file can only be used with DS software. It cannot be used with SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot). Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software is not a PC product. It was created by Craft Edge to be used with your Cricut machines. You do not have to have DS software to use SCAL. However, you do need to have the most recent "firmware" version on your cricut to use SCAL, and in order to get your firmware updated, you must use the DS software to do that. However, you can download the trial version of DS from PC's Cricut website in order to update your firmware. SCAL was created so that you could use any true type fonts, dingbats and .svg files you might have on your computer to create objects to cut with your Cricut machines. SCAL DOES NOT allow you to use objects from the Cricut cartridges and it CANNOT use the .cut files created by the DS software. When you create a file in the SCAL software and save it, it creates a file name with an extension of .scut. A .scut file can only be used with the SCAL software. It cannot be used with the DS software. However, SCAL can also IMPORT a .svg file (scalable vector graphic). A .svg file is a file extension for some graphics programs. I am not sure what all graphics programs give you the ability to save as an .svg file. I use Inkscape which is a free program available on the Internet. I believe that Illustrator also allows you to save to a .svg file. With an .svg file, the objects are treated as a 2 dimensional "shape" and thus are more easily resized without any distortion of the image. Text is also treated as an "object" or "shape" when it is in a .svg file. Design Studio (DS) CANNOT import or use in any way a .svg file. However, SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) can IMPORT any .svg file that you can find or create! This means that you can "draw" your own images and cut them with your cricut. If I have a picture or object that I would like to create and cut out with my Cricut, then I simply get it into my computer in some way (draw it, download it from the internet, scan it into my computer) and then IMPORT the image into Inkscape and then with a few simple steps in Inkscape, I can have a .svg file to IMPORT into SCAL and cut with my Cricuts. For example, if you have a stamped image that you would like to create and cut out with your cricut; you can stamp the image, scan it into your computer as a .jpeg, .gif, .tiff or other graphics file, IMPORT that file into Inkscape, do a few steps in Inkscape to create the "parts" and "pieces" you need, and then save it as an .svg file. You then open SCAL and IMPORT that .svg file into it and then "cut" with your Cricut. So now your stamp collection can be used in more ways! The picture posted is an example of a stamped image that I used to make a "die cut" using this method and cut with my Cricut. Sorry, can't share the .scut file for this image. Just posted to show you what the end result looked like! So to recap: .cut files - created and used only with Design Studio (DS) .scut files - created and used only with Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) .svg files - created with a graphics program like Inkscape - can be used with SCAL by importing it; cannot be used with DS. You can scan an image in, draw it on your computer, or download it from the internet. Any file that you can get into your computer you can make into an .svg image with a little work. Hope this helps someone to better understand these file types and what they can be used with.

Bear - .svg or SCAL File

Here is a bear for use with SCAL. Download the Bear .svg file here. (Remember, .svg files have to be IMPORTED into SCAL. ) Or, you can download the Bear .scut file (this is the file after it has already been imported into SCAL and then saved. You would "open" a .scut file with SCAL.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4-H Clover - .svg or .scut file

Hello. This is a quick file for use with SCAL and any size bug. I had downloaded it the other night thinking that I would convert it to an .svg file at some point. Then, someone on the MB was looking for one. I asked if she had SCAL. Haven't heard back but went ahead and did it since it took less then 5 minutes thanks to its simple graphics! If you just want the "clover" without the "H"s this file will work for you as the Hs are cut out separately. Download the 4-H Clover .svg file for use in a graphics package. Download the 4-H Clover .scut file for use with SCAL.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Graduation Cap Gift Box - George & Expression .cut file

Hello. Did anyone miss me?
I was in Walmart today (looking for those deals on the Cricut Solution Cartridges - none in my area darn it!!!) and saw this cute little graduation cap box and thought - wow, I could do something similar I bet with my Cricut! Now granted, the one at Walmart played a song when you opened it and I haven't figured that part out but I did manage to create a small "graduation gift box". Just in time too as graduations should be starting soon! I have a niece Jessica who will be graduating from college the middle of May so I have plans for this little box already! The box its self is 5x5. The "morter board" is 7x7. I have "popped" the "tab" or "button" on the top of the morter board by adding a real button underneath the paper. I think where to fold the box bottom and pieces should be "self-explantory". If you have trouble, let me know and I'll post pics. Due to the size, it does require the 12x12 mat with the Expression and the George cartridge. Feel free to modify for the baby bug and/or Plantin Schoolbook or another cartridge. If you do, send me your file and I will post it here on my blog as well (giving you credit of course!) Download the Graduation Cap Gift Box.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rheba's Bunny - .svg or .scut File for SCAL

This is a bunny that Rheba brought to me and ask if I could recreate. The fastest way for me to do something like this is to use my scanner, Inkscape, and SCAL software as opposed to trying to figure out "shapes" to make it with in DS plus the other "issues" like inability to group objects, etc. So here is Rheba's bunny. He has a black "base" and then the white "parts". I left the face to be handrawn (or use some stamps from Peachy Keen!!) He came from a scrap piece of paper that Rheba had. Download Rheba's Bunny in .svg format here. Download Rheba's Bunny in .scut format here.

I will point out that I had trouble with SCAL "moving" pieces when I imported the .svg file which is why the parts seem to be "out of line". I tried and tried but it kept messing with the parts. It imports them in different places then the .svg file has them in! Anyone else had this problem? Know why? The way it is laid out, makes it difficult to get a "bigger" bunny unless you use a 12 x 12 mat. Couldn't figure out the issue! It imports and cuts fine.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posting Comments on my Blog - No Id required

Hello. Just a quick note. I didn't realize that I had my "comments" setup to not be able to do without a google or other type of account. I thought I had set it up to post annonomously but it wasn't. I believe I have fixed that so now maybe more of you will leave me comments! I've had lots of downloads and little comments and wondered why! Have a great day!

Whoo Hoo! I Won! Gift Certificate to Peachy Keen Stamps

Well thanks to much enabling from friends on the Cricut MB I finally gave in to the Peachy Keen Stamps craze and ordered some this past weekend during their Super Saturday Sale. I had stayed away from there for a LONG time. But then I went over to KristenLong's house last week and saw and actually put my hands on some and then CherylB (who was also at Kristen's) posted about the sale coming up. So, I finally gave in and ordered some face stamps from Kathy at Peachy Keen. Well, low and behold, if I didn't win the top prize in their drawing - a $50 gift certificate to Peachy Keen Stamps to buy more!! Yeah!! Thank you Kathy and Peachy Keen (and Kristen and Cheryl for the "push"!). More stamps will soon be on their way to me! (Need to go decide what else I want!!) If you want to check out Peachy Keen Stamps for yourself you can go to their website I believe they are having .99 cents shipping within the USA through the end of April!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pencil Pals - George, Animal Kingdom & Expression (Great Teacher Gift!)

My friend Rheba (aka DazyCutr on the Cricut MB) brought me over a February 2006 Edition of the Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine put out by She had purchased it at a yard sale earlier in the week. In the magazine there was an article by Jeanette Foxe entitled "Zoo Pencil Pals". Jeanette had used a set of stamps from Close to My Heart called "Zoo Friends" to create some adorable "Pencil Pals". Rheba wanted to know if I could recreate something like them in Design Studio. They didn't look that difficult so I said I would give it a try! Here are some "samples" of the files I created. I created the giraffe, an elephant, and a lion. I used George for the rectangle, feet and small holes and Animal Kingdom for the heads. I welded the head to the rectangle (which makes the "facial features" go away) and then added another separate head to cut out to get the facial features. Although I have layed these out using the Expression and the 12x12 mat, I believe they could be done on the smaller bugs and 6x12 mats if you rotated them around and only put one on the mat. The .cut file has all 3 of the animals, the girafee and elephant are on one page, the lion is on another page. It would be very simple to create more of the animals from Animal Kingdom. just delete the lions head and replace with the animal of your choice or copy and paste the necessary pieces. (Note: the giraffe and elephant were my first test cuts, I then "tweaked" the file for the lion as far as the number of holes and size, etc. to work better - then I "fixed" the giraffe and elephant file. However, the picture shows my original samples which is why there is an extra hole or two on those, again - this is fixed in the .cut file).
If you want the file, you can download the Pencil Pals .cut file here. Thanks Rheba for this great idea!

Peeking Bunny - SCAL and any size Bug

I found this bunny at I scanned him into my computer and saved as a black and white .tiff file. I then imported into Inkscape (a graphics program) and converted it into a .svg file. I then took the .svg file and IMPORTED (not open) it into SCAL. Their are several "objects" to cut. The base, the pink ears and nose, the white head and paws, and the black eyes. The sample I'm posting the picture of does not use the "base" or the black eyes. I drew those in with a marker. I just did some quick facial features and marker on the sides for dimension so I could post it here for you all to see one put together. You can download the peeking bunny .svg file here. You can download the peeking bunny .scut file (for use with SCAL) here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Screenprinting with the Yudu - Using Paper Stencil without Emolsion

Here is a sample t-shirt and small bag that I screen printed on with my Yudu. Instead of going through all the "steps" to burn a screen using the emolsion method, I created one using a "paper stencil". The mascot at my children's school is Spartans so the image is a Spartan head. I scanned one of the school's logos into my computer, saved it as a .jpeg, and imported it into Inkscape (a free vector graphics program available on the Web). I then converted the image into a .svg (scaleable vector graphic) file with Inkscape and then imported it into SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot). I then cut the image out on regular cardstock and removed the pieces I had cut out. For screen printing purposes, you want the negative image (the "stencil" that is left behind when you remove the cut pieces.)
I took the negative image or "stencil" and adhered it to the screen with packing tape. I then used more packing tape to mask off a large area around the stencil on the screen to prevent ink from going through other portions of the screen (I didn't do the whole screen - just a big enough area to cover where the squeege would go as I pulled ink across the screen area). Masking tape also works for taping the image on and masking off the screen. Once I had the image adhered to my screen, I loaded my paint as directed with the Yudu instructions. You then keep your screen lifted up off your project while you "float" the paint on your screen. This simply means that you pull the ink down across your image. This helps the image to "stick" to the screen around the cut out image so that you don't get any "leakage" under the stencils. One reason this works is because the paint that you are using is very thick. Once you have your screen floated, you can then lower it down onto your plantin holding the image you wish to print on.
In this instance I did a small t-shirt and small green bag that I had. I used black ink on both items. Since both were very small "objects," I taped them down on the plantin ((t-shirt holder). (Later I discovered that the plantin has a covering you can remove to reveal a sticky surface!) The bag is a dark green, but the black image does show up better on it then it appears in my pictures. The bag has very crisp edges to it around even the smallest areas that were inked. The T-shirt, while acceptable, does appear to have a little more bleed in those areas. However, I think that may be more due to the "materials" then the method its self. The bag is a coarse material while the t-shirt is much softer with more "give" to it. The picture makes it look like there is more "bleed" then there is. In the picture, it looks like there is no "white" between the small areas in the middle, but in fact there is. I'm pretty particular, and would have found the image acceptable.
I only did the two items with this "stencil" so I can't tell you the "limit" on how many times you could use a paper stencil before it started to break down. I do think I could have used it a few more times, just didn't have anything else to try it on at the time!! I think this would be a great and much less expensive way to create one of a kind or very limited run items. However, if I were going to do something that I need a pretty good quantity of, or something that I thought I might want to do over and over (like a school logo) then I would probably use the emolsion method.
Ironically, one of the reasons I tried this method was because I had tried to create the image along with the school name on a screen using the emolsion method. Although I followed the steps for "burning" an image onto a screen, when I went to wash out the emolsion on the screeen to show my image, there were problems and I ended up just having to clean the whole screen off. I'm wondering if there are some bad emolsion sheets out there! So, in frustration I thought, hmm . . . well before I waste another emolsion sheet (which are expensive) and more time, I' m going to try this the old fashioned way! Also note, the t-shirt here looks really wrinkled, I had ironed it before I tried to screen print on it but I did this several weeks ago and had never gotten pictures taken so it got wrinkled in between!
To learn more about SCAL go to Craft Edge's website or to their forums.
To find out more about Inkscape go to their website.
I'm going to try to post more info. on the Yudu hopefully later this week. I haven't had a lot of time to use it lately and I am waiting on my DH to finish building my "cart" for it to set on. Hope someone finds some of this useful! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jelly Bean Prayer Cross Craft - Expression or Small Bug

This is an Easter craft from Oriental Trading Company. It can be found here. (If you download this file, you will want to go to that site to get the "poem" that goes on the Cross. I would suggest that you enlarge the picture and you will be able to read the poem to get the wording).

It's-ONLY-Money (Misty) on the Cricut MB had posted looking for help in making a .cut file for this craft. I thought, hmm. . . looks simply enough - except for maybe those jelly beans so I thought I would give it a try. I think I even got close enough on the jelly beans!!! I have created files for both the small bugs (Original or Baby and Create) and the Expression. It uses the George cartridge. (Could easily be recreated with Plantin Schoolbook - but left that for someone else!)
The jelly beans have one extra page with the first jelly bean I created (which I thought was way too big but I left it in case someone wanted "Jumbo" sized jelly beans. However, there is only one bean on that page! I didn't make multiples). The smaller jelly bean page has 12 jelly beans on the page (You could make more if you wanted). This is one of the frustrating parts about the DS software and its lack of a group feature and/or ability to copy a group of objects at one time. If that feature was available, it would be very easy to make lots of jelly beans quickly and fill the page! BUT it's NOT!!!! (The "Auto Fill" feature of the Expression cannot be used with DS either!) So, the only way to make "duplicates" is to copy each "object" and move it each time. The jelly bean has 4 parts so each one had to be copied and moved 11 times to get the 12 jelly beans I have in the file . (The best way to do this is to "count" the number of spaces you move with your arrow keys so you move them all the same number of spaces and they will line up properly!). (Also note, when you copy and paste something in DS - it "pastes" on top of the original object!)
This project requires 8 different colors of jelly beans for each Cross. The way the file is set up, you would cut the small jelly bean page 8 times in a different color each time. This would give you enough jelly beans for 12 children. Cut it 2 times in each color and you have enough for 24! If you were only doing for 1 child, just put small colors of paper where each jelly bean is.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks for the Comments

I did want to take a second to thank the few of you who have left a comment and thanks. Although I don't "require it", it is nice to get them! However, I also understand that we are all very busy people who do a lot of "blog hopping!" and don't always have the time. I do thank those of you who do take the time however, it does make you feel like people like what you are doing!! LOL

Mickey "B-day" Invite - Baby, Create or Expression

PrincessScrappy-Do on the Cricut MB was looking for help with a Birthday party invite using one of my favorite things - Mickey Mouse! She didn't really give any details beyond a Mickey B-day party invite. So, this is one idea I came up with quickly. It's fairly large and would need an oversized envelope without sizing it down. (But sizing smaller could be done). Although it is laid out on an expression mat - you could rotate it side ways on the smaller 6 x 12 mat and it would cut out with the Baby or Create. It uses George, Mickey Font (for the head and face) and Mickey & Friends for the hands. Unfortunately - PrincessScrappy-Do wants a card that opens up and she doesn't have the Mickey Font cartridge so this file won't help her. :( However, I decided to go ahead and post it here on my blog in case someone wants it or to give "inspiration" for another idea. Download the Mickey B-day Party Invite .cut file here. (Picture to follow).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Small Square Treat Box or Cupcake Box

Here is my version of a cupcake box or small square treat box. There are many versions out there. Due to the size of the box, it does require the Expression to cut it out! It uses George, Plantin Schoolbook for the basic box, lid and inserts. If you only have George, you can replace the Plantin "parts" with similar George parts and vice versa if you only have Plantin, replace the George with similar Plantin "parts". Then I've included different "cut-outs" for the lid. The ones used in the picture is Storybook on the green box and Doodlecharms for the bunny on the pink box. The page of other items can be used to "swap" out the cut out on the lid, or just used as a "reference tool" to give you ideas as to what you could do. When you cut out the "object" on the lid, you just create a bigger size of it or a circle to cut out of actetate or thin plastic to "cover" the hole so it is "sealed" but you can still see into the box. I usually use overhead transparencies but any thin recycled plastic will do! If you want to use the box as a cupcake holder, cut out the "insert" to hold the cupcake in place. If you just want to use the box as a "treat" holder, you don't need to cut out the insert for the cupcake!
Download the Cupcake Box/Treat holder .cut file here.

Easter Basket - Treat Bag

Sorry for the "time lapse" in posts. Not sure where all my time is going. Seems like if you take a vacation - it takes you two or three weeks to "catch up"!!

Here is an "Easter" basket treat bag. My DD Kaitlyn and I made the cut file last year for Easter. It uses the Expression machine (sorry! :( ), Plantin Schoolbook for the bag and circle cut, and Doodlecharms for the basket. I then embossed the basket using a cuttlebug embossing folder in my original big red sizzix with the adaptor plate. (Yes, you can use the cuttlebug dies and embossing folders in the both the original sizzix machine (with the adaptor plate) as well as the Big Kick). You will need a piece of acetate or thin plastic of some kind to cut the circle for the "see through" part of the bag/basket. I use overhead transparancies. The "chick" was a die that was cut out in black, scanned into my computer and saved as a .jpeg image, then imported into Inkscape, converted to an .svg file, and then IMPORTED into SCAL. It was then cut with SCAL on my Cricut. To get the "shadow" just select the shadow feature when the image is imported into SCAL. It is quite easy! The bag may end up a little "long" (about a 1/4") on one side, not sure why since we did this last year and I don't remember this problem. If it does, just trim it off with scissors. I haven't had time to "figure" it out at this time!

Download the Easter Basket Treat Bag .cut file for use with Design Studio and the Expression.

Downlaod the Chick .scut file for use with SCAL and any of the Cricut Bugs.