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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jelly Bean Prayer Cross Craft - Expression or Small Bug

This is an Easter craft from Oriental Trading Company. It can be found here. (If you download this file, you will want to go to that site to get the "poem" that goes on the Cross. I would suggest that you enlarge the picture and you will be able to read the poem to get the wording).

It's-ONLY-Money (Misty) on the Cricut MB had posted looking for help in making a .cut file for this craft. I thought, hmm. . . looks simply enough - except for maybe those jelly beans so I thought I would give it a try. I think I even got close enough on the jelly beans!!! I have created files for both the small bugs (Original or Baby and Create) and the Expression. It uses the George cartridge. (Could easily be recreated with Plantin Schoolbook - but left that for someone else!)
The jelly beans have one extra page with the first jelly bean I created (which I thought was way too big but I left it in case someone wanted "Jumbo" sized jelly beans. However, there is only one bean on that page! I didn't make multiples). The smaller jelly bean page has 12 jelly beans on the page (You could make more if you wanted). This is one of the frustrating parts about the DS software and its lack of a group feature and/or ability to copy a group of objects at one time. If that feature was available, it would be very easy to make lots of jelly beans quickly and fill the page! BUT it's NOT!!!! (The "Auto Fill" feature of the Expression cannot be used with DS either!) So, the only way to make "duplicates" is to copy each "object" and move it each time. The jelly bean has 4 parts so each one had to be copied and moved 11 times to get the 12 jelly beans I have in the file . (The best way to do this is to "count" the number of spaces you move with your arrow keys so you move them all the same number of spaces and they will line up properly!). (Also note, when you copy and paste something in DS - it "pastes" on top of the original object!)
This project requires 8 different colors of jelly beans for each Cross. The way the file is set up, you would cut the small jelly bean page 8 times in a different color each time. This would give you enough jelly beans for 12 children. Cut it 2 times in each color and you have enough for 24! If you were only doing for 1 child, just put small colors of paper where each jelly bean is.