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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Graduation Cap Gift Box - George & Expression .cut file

Hello. Did anyone miss me?
I was in Walmart today (looking for those deals on the Cricut Solution Cartridges - none in my area darn it!!!) and saw this cute little graduation cap box and thought - wow, I could do something similar I bet with my Cricut! Now granted, the one at Walmart played a song when you opened it and I haven't figured that part out but I did manage to create a small "graduation gift box". Just in time too as graduations should be starting soon! I have a niece Jessica who will be graduating from college the middle of May so I have plans for this little box already! The box its self is 5x5. The "morter board" is 7x7. I have "popped" the "tab" or "button" on the top of the morter board by adding a real button underneath the paper. I think where to fold the box bottom and pieces should be "self-explantory". If you have trouble, let me know and I'll post pics. Due to the size, it does require the 12x12 mat with the Expression and the George cartridge. Feel free to modify for the baby bug and/or Plantin Schoolbook or another cartridge. If you do, send me your file and I will post it here on my blog as well (giving you credit of course!) Download the Graduation Cap Gift Box.