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Monday, June 15, 2009

Joy Fold Card - .cut file to Share for Expression or Small Bugs - George Cartridge

Okay - seems like the "joy fold card" has become all the rage on the Cricut MB in the last few weeks. After DazyCutr (Rheba) shared how to make them with Kaitlyn and myself last week, I discovered a ton of them being done on the Cricut MB, especially in the Card Forum. However, I did not see where anyone had created a .cut file for them. Doesn't mean I didn't miss it, but I didn't see it!! Now, since I have trouble using a paper cutter to cut straight lines, I thought - hmmm. . . . . . I'll create a .cut file with Design Studio and share it with the Cricut World!! I have created two versions at this time. Both use George. One is for the Expression and one is for use with the smaller bugs (The Baby or Original and the Create). Even with the Expression file, you can use 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. You need two sheets of cardstock or paper. One solid color and one contrasting color or coordinating print. The final finished size of the card is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" inches. I may try to make a "bigger card" later as well as I like bigger cards then this one!
There are two "bases" which you will cut in the solid cardstock. One is Large (8 1/2" x 4 1/4") and one is Small (7" x 3"). Then 3 "covers" are cut from the contrasting or coordinating print for placement on the "bases". You can see this best from the pictures above. You cut the two bases, then score and fold the larger base at 5 1/2 ", and score and fold the smaller base at 3 1/2"). Then adhere the pattern or contrasting paper to the bases, then attach the smaller base to the larger base to create the card. You then can apply a die cut or some other element to the side of the card to "hold" the card closed if you want (see post below of cards Kaitlyn and I did, one has a duck and the other a boat holding the card "closed".) Notice on the cards that Kaitlyn and I did that we also Did Not use the contrasting paper on the very top of the small base. So feel free to mix it up and use it or not on any of the three places it is cut for! Download the .cut file for the Expression Joy Fold Card. Download the .cut file for the Small Bugs Joy Fold Card. Remember, both use the George cartridge! Feel Free to modify to use another of the Shapes Cartridges if you don't have George! There are no die cuts for "holding" the card closed. Just pick what you want! I believe Kaitlyn's duck was cut at 2 or 3 inches and the boat was 3 I think. You will just have to play around with size to see what works for your element. You can find the original idea and instructions on the Splitcoaststampers site along with a photo gallery of lots of these cards.

Joy Fold Cards Created with DazyCutr and DD Kaitlyn

DazyCutr (Rheba) from the Cricut MB and I try to get together once a week to work with our cricuts. It had been a couple of weeks since we had been able to do so what with the end of school for me and then her Granddaughter getting married in Texas a few weeks ago. So, we finally got together last week. My DD, Kaitlyn, was able to go with me. When we got there, Rheba wanted to know if we wanted to make "Joy Fold Cards". Seems like they had become all the rage in the past few weeks on the Cricut MB while I was "away". It is my understanding that the original form came from Split Coast Stampers. The name was because the lady who created it was creating it for a friend name Joy. (If I can find that link I wll come back and Edit and post it here!)
Since, I had no idea what she was talking about at that point, we said sure. Here are the two cards that Kaitlyn and I made for Father's Day. The Duck Card is Kaitlyn's and the Boat Card is mine. My DS has already claimed the Boat Card to give to his Dad! The Duck is from New Arrival cartridge and the Boat is from the Paper Dolls cartridge (I think!). The words on the Boat Card, "Happy Father's Day" and "You're One of a Kind" came from the Wildcard cartridge (again, I think!). We had a great time making these and a great teacher! Thank you for showing us how to make them Rheba! Kaitlyn has made another for a friend and I have made a .cut file that I will be sharing in just a moment. I hate trying to cut straight lines with my paper cutter so I thought - hmmmm. . . . . . this would be a very simple .cut file to create and so I did! I will make a separate post for it in a moment. I have two versions, one for the Expression and one for the Smaller Bugs (Baby or Original and the Create). Both use George.

Sorry for still being MIA more often then not

Hello. Sorry I have been "out" more then in. It will probably stay that way for a while. First, my darling children are out of school for the summer so I lose time there (but I do enjoy them!! LOL). However, I've also been having a minor health issue that has also kept me away from my cricut, the cricut MB, and my computer for the past couple of weeks more often then not. Long story short - I have some bulging disc issues in my cervical area - due in large part to a prior fusion I had almost 28 years ago. Trying to work through the problems it is causing. So, that is why I have been Out more then In! I hope to improve a little on that. Of course, no one may have even noticed my absence!!! LOL