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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elmo Card - Sesame Street Friends Cartridge and DS software

This is a simple "shaped" card created with the DS software and the new Sesame Street Friends Cartridge. This is what I originally wanted the software for. To make simple "shape" cards from the carts. I made him for my niece who still loves Elmo! Note that since I used black cardstock for my card base, I also cut a blackout cut of the shape from white paper for a liner inside my card to write the message on. I am including my .cut file but you really don't need a .cut file. You simply need to select your shape from a cartridge, create it in the size that you want it, click weld, then copy and flip it. Move it so they slightly overlap and you have a card base! Then add the "front shape" and liner if needed. (Note: if it only overlaps in a small area you might want to "add" a small shape to another area to "join" the card front and back more. For example, I added a small oval to Elmo's feet so that the card is joined at his arm and feet.). However, if you want the .cut file, download the Elmo Card .cut file here.