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Saturday, February 28, 2009

B Mine - Simple Shape Card - Storybook Cartridge

Here is another simple shape card. Took the shadow cut of the letter "B" from Storybook, copied it, flipped the copy and welded together to get the cream base "B" of the card. Then cut the front B out in red same size (but not in regular mode not shadow). The difference in the two cards is that the one on the left, the blade was set deeper and it cut out the inside of the B while the one on the right, blade was not deep enough and it didn't cut out the inside of the B. I embossed the red B with the swirls embossing folder. Forgot which carts the joined hearts are from. Used stickles to color the hearts. No .cut file provided at this time.

Elmo Card - Sesame Street Friends Cartridge and DS software

This is a simple "shaped" card created with the DS software and the new Sesame Street Friends Cartridge. This is what I originally wanted the software for. To make simple "shape" cards from the carts. I made him for my niece who still loves Elmo! Note that since I used black cardstock for my card base, I also cut a blackout cut of the shape from white paper for a liner inside my card to write the message on. I am including my .cut file but you really don't need a .cut file. You simply need to select your shape from a cartridge, create it in the size that you want it, click weld, then copy and flip it. Move it so they slightly overlap and you have a card base! Then add the "front shape" and liner if needed. (Note: if it only overlaps in a small area you might want to "add" a small shape to another area to "join" the card front and back more. For example, I added a small oval to Elmo's feet so that the card is joined at his arm and feet.). However, if you want the .cut file, download the Elmo Card .cut file here.

Hello Kitty card with detachable bookmark

This is a picture of another card made with my detachable bookmark card .cut file. I used the Hello Kitty cart to create the Hello Kitty with the ballon. It was then attached to the "bookmark" portion of the card. The "yoo hoo" was stamped onto a small square cut with the smallest Spellbinders Nestabilities, inked and then "pop dotted" for dimension.

Cards with detachable "BookMarker" - George or Plantin Schoolbook Cartridges

Here is a card with a detachable bookmarker. There are two files within the .cut file. The first one is the card created with Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and has regular corners. The second one is the card created with George cartridge and has rounded corners. To create card simply fold the full squares in half to make a card. Then fold the detachable "bookmarker" over to the left so that it lays over the top right of the card. Download the Card with Bookmarker .cut file here. I found the basic idea for this card last summer at Jo-Ann's Stores Website under their Ideas area and created the .cut file back then.

Triangle Box with or without "windows" - Expression Machine and George Cartridge

This is a triangle box. Due to its size, you will need the Expression and the 12x12 Mat to cut it. There are two "base" pages. The first page is the box without the "windows". The second page is the box with "windows" cut in it. The third page is the "window panes" for cutting the "windows" in a coordinating paper or vellum. I used a hole punch in the top corner of each triangle side and added eyelets. Then use ribbon to tie box up together. Download the Triangle Box .cut file here. I found the basic directions and template for this last summer on the website under Projects. The original designer listed for this project there was Amanda Curtin. I used the basic information there to create the .cut file. George Cartridge used.

Enchanted Oval Card - George Cartridge

This is called an "Enchanted Oval Card". It will work with any of the bugs. It was created with the George Cartridge. It has two pages to the .cut file. The first page is the base card. You then score and fold the half circles in on the card. The second page is the inside square liner for the card and the half circle "overlay" for the outside front 1/2 circle on the front left side of the card. I then used the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots Embossing folder on the 1/2 circle before I attached it to the front of the card. I then punched two holes in each side of the front and applied two eyelets and then closed with a piece of ribbon tied in a bow. Download the Enchanted Oval Card .cut file here. I found the idea on Jo-Ann's Stores Website in their idea's area last smmer and created this then.

Coffin Card - Expression Required - George Cartridge

Okay, here is a coffin card I created back last Fall for Halloween! Due to its size, the Expression Machine and 12x12 mat are required. It uses the George Cartridge. I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder with a "wood look" on the front. It does not have a "liner" paper for the inside. You may want one if you use dark paper as I did. I just cut out an extra coffin and cut the liner down from that. Download the Coffin Card .cut file here.

Slider Pop-up Cards & Envelopes - Two Sizes 3x4 and 5x7

Here are two "Slider Pop-up Cards" and envelopes for them. Notice the "message" area slides out of the top of the card and this causes the pop up to come out of the front pocket (Tinkerbell in my example). They were both created with the George Cartridge. One creates a 3x4 card and will work with any of the Cricut machines. The larger one creates a 5x7 card and therefore requires the Expression Machine. You can download the smaller 3x4 Slider Popup card .cut file here or the larger 5x7 Slider Pop-up card .cut file here. The picture shows the 5x7 card. I found the basic paper template for this last summer at the and created the .cut file for it back then.

Cheerleading Megaphones - George Cartridge

I created two sizes of megaphones. One is large and would be suitable for posting on a door or locker. The smaller size would be for use in scrapbooks or small items. I used the George Cartridge for both sizes. Download the smaller megaphone here and the larger megaphone here.

Swing Set Created with George

Here is a "copy" of the swingset from the Locker Talk cartridge. It was created using the George cartridge. I believe this may have been one of the first .cut files I ever made! It will work with any of the Bugs. Download the Swing Set .cut file here.

Captiva Island, Florida Word Book

This is a screenshot of a word book I created after our family spent Thanksgiving at Captiva Island in Florida. Cartridges used are Basecamp and Mickey Font. There are two versions of the .cut file. One is smaller and fits the baby bug. The other is larger and requires the Expression and its larger mat size of 12x12. Click here for the smaller Captiva Wordbook .cut file and here for the larger Captiva Word Book .cut file.

Volleyball Word Book

Here is a Volleyball Word Book I created. I used the following cartridges: Basecamp, Cuttin
Up, and Sports Mania. You can download the .cut file here. Volleyball WordBook.cut