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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Converting Different Types of CUT fils for use with the Cicut Machines

So you have a Cricut and you heard that you could use other software packages to cut more things with it then just those provided on a Cricut cartridge and you are wondering how you do that.  To get started, you might want to refer back to my post from April 25, 2009 entitled: What is a .cut file, a .scut file and a .svg file and what does it matter?  you can find it here:

Now we need to add a couple of other file types into the mix that were not discussed in that post.  Since making that post, SCAL2 has come out as well as Make The Cut (MTC) and the Gypsy. The file extension for SCAL2 files are .scut2.  The file extension for MTC files is .mtc.  In addition, PC introduced a new handheld device called a Gypsy.  File extensions of files created with a Gypsy are .gypsy.

So depending on the software you choose to get, your cricut can cut out an image from a .cut file created with PC's Design Studio (if you have the cartridge that was used to create the file), a .scut or .scut2 file created with SCAL1 or SCAL2 (note SCAL2 can open a SCAL1 or SCAL2 file - SCAL or SCAL1 cannot open a SCAL2 file.  You know which version of SCAL was used to create the file by looking at the file extension.  A .scut file was created with SCAL(1) while an .scut2 file was created with SCAL2.  In addtion, your cricut can cut a .mtc file created with Make the Cut (version 1 or 2) or a .gypsy file created with a Gypsy.  However, you would have to have each of those packages to use any of those file formats. Each have pros and cons that I won't go into here.

BUT - if you can find a file in an .svg file format ( svg stands for "scaleable vector graphics") THEN you can IMPORT that .svg file into any of the SCAL versions (1 or 2) OR MTC versions (1 or 2) and then cut it with your Cricut.  HOWEVER, you CANNOT USE a .svg file with either the DS or Gypsy software from PC and you cannot use a DS .cut file or a .gypsy file with either version of SCAL or MTC.  You also cannot open a .mtc file from Make the Cut with any program other than MTC. (However, if you have MTC you can EXPORT your files into many different formats to share with others and/or user with other cuters beyond a Cricut!) MTC has also recently added a "beta test" in it to IMPORT SCAL .scut and .scut2 files into it (I have not tried it yet to see how it works). You can take a DS .cut file and convert it to a .gypsy file and/or take a .gypsy file and covert it to a DS .cut file. However, you must have a licensed version of the DS software to do this. You CANNOT directly open a DS .cut file or a .gypsy file with any other program.

So, in summary - to cut a DS .cut file or a .gypsy file you would need that software and the cartridge(s) used to create it.  If you have a purchased copy of DS -you can convert DS .cut fies to .gypsy files and .gypsy files to DS files..

To cut a .scut or .scut2 file you would need SCAL or SCAL2.  (SCAL2 will cut both; SCAL will only cut. scut).  You may be able to import these into MTC and cut with it. This feature is a beta test in MTC right now.

To cut a .mtc file you would need MTC version 1 or 2.  Again, MTC2 will cut both version 1 or 2 files - the original MTC will not open or cut a version 2 file.  If you have MTC, you can EXPORT .mtc files into many other formats to use with other packages and/or cutters beyond a Cricut.  (In addition, MTC has added other importing features to work with other options to get files into your program.  Please see the MTC official site for full details.)

A .svg file can be used with any version of SCAL or MTC.  However, it must be IMPORTED into the program rather than simply opened.

This is just the very basic information to help you start to understand the potential available with your Cricuts and software programs available to use with it.  I would recommend that you check out all the appropriate websites for each software program to get the most up-to-date information available regarding each.

One final cavet that I will point out.  PC says that use of other 3rd party software will void your warranty.  Your warranty on your machine is 1 year so if your 1 year is up, no problem.  I will also tell you however that none of the 3rd party software does anything to your cricut.  They simply talk to your cricut through the computer - the same way your computer talks to your printer.  I have been running 3rd party software with my cricuts since they (the 3rd party software) were first released and have never had a problem with my Cricuts not working properly.  My Cricuts are now 3 and 4 years old. However, I did want to make anyone aware of this in case you weren't!  It really shouldn' be an issue or a concern.

There are trial versions of MTC, SCAL, and DS available for you to download and try if you want to check each of these packages out.  Each website also has User Forums available for questions and help.  I would recommend that you download a trial of each to find the one that works best for you.

If you have never used any of these software packages with your cricut before, you may need to update your cricut firmware and/or drivers to get them to work properly.  Each site will give you information regarding how to do this.

Thanks for stopping by.  I have some new files to post shortly of "seashells" that I have cut with MTC.  I hope to get them up later today or tomorrow.