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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sports Decals for Car with Wallpops and Sports Mania

Here are two "Sports Decals" I did for my car. My DD plays volleyball and my DS plays football for their middle school. The football team orders decals and magnets for the parents' cars but we don't for volleyball. So, I wanted something for each of my children. I created these using the Sports Mania Cartridge for the volleyball, the volleyball player and the football. I used Basecamp for the font for the name of the school and their names and his number. I used white wallpops. These were cut at around 3 inches I believe. I originally did 5 inches and they were way too big!!!
I am not including a .cut file as they should be fairly simple to recreate. However, do not hesitate to ask for one or for help should you have problems with it. Simply layout the design on your DS screen and "cut". Then "weed out" the excess pieces of your vinyl that you don't need. For example, remove the pieces "inside" the volleyball, the "lines," the player, and the actual letters (be sure to leave the "insides" of any letters like the "B" and the "a"). Then remove the extra pieces around the outside of the cut.
Once you have your "design" as it should appear on your window, transfer it to the transfer tape per the tape's instructions. This should put the "outside" of your design down on the transfer tape with the sticky part of the vinyl up. No go place it on your car window and "rub" the design down. Note - this method is done on the OUTSIDE of the car window. Mine has been on the car for almost a month now with LOTS of rain and is still sticking no problems. No fading since I used the white wall pops to start with.
Be creative and do this for most any sport or activity your child participates in! Have fun.