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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Volleyball Gift Card Holder

Here is a volleyball gift card holder I created a month or so ago. I used the Sports Mania cartridge (and maybe George for the square for the pocket). I used the volleyball shadow to create the front at I  and back black base and welded them together in DS.  I then added a "pocket" to the back base to hold the gift card.  This is done by welding a square to the bottom of the back circle base and then rectangles to the left and right of the square to fold in and glue to the base to form the pocket. The font volleyball shape was then cut out in white and added to the front.  I created this to give to my DD's Volleyball Coach for her end of the season gift from the team.  It could also be used to give a gift to your favorite volleyball player!

It could easily be adapted to be a basketball, baseball, tennis ball, etc.  Any "round" ball sport.   Just simply cut the front to be the ball shape that you need. I don't recall what cartridge the "Thanks" word came from off the top of my head!  You could also use congrats, You Did It, Way to Go, etc.  LOL

If you are interested in the .cut file for this leave me a comment and I will try to get it posted in the next couple of days.  It would be fairly easy to recreate without a file from me but I'll be happy to share if anyone wants my file, just let me know.  My comments are setup to be done anonymously so leaving a comment shouldn't be a problem!  I haven't had time to work on cleaning up the file and making it ready to post and its on a different computer which is why I'm not posting it right now!  LOL  Plus, this way I see who really wants the file! LOL