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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DS File Conversion to Gypsy File for Ghirardelli Candy Box

Hello.  Hope this finds everyone doing well.  It has been a while since I have posted any files.  Long list of reasons why that no one really cares about!  LOL  Anyway, I'm going to try to do some new stuff soon. If anyone has any "ideas" of things they would like to see, leave me a comment here and I'd be happy to try.  I have a baby bug, an expression, Design Studio (DS), a Gypsy, and those two other software packages that PC prefers not to be named on the MB (LOL), Make The Cut (MTC) and Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) (both versions 1 & 2).  They all are great and useful tools in our arsenol for getting the most from our Cricuts.

This post is a "file conversion" of a Design Studio file that was created by GingerSuttle and generously shared on the Cricut MB. The original file Ginger created used the George cartridge.  Upon the request of another Cricut MB member, CrazyScrapper, who does not have DS but does have a Gypsy, I have converted Ginger's original DS .cut file to a .gypsy cut file for use with the Gypsy.  CrazyScrapper needed help with the conversion because she didn't have a licensed copy of DS because she uses a Mac computer.  You need a licensed copy of DS to do file conversions between DS and a Gypsy.  The trial version of DS cannot be used to convert files.  I told her I would be happy to help if I could.  I then contacted Ginger to make sure that she was fine with me converting her file to the .gypsy format and then sharing it on both Ginger's original thread on the Cricut MB and here on my blog.  I assured Ginger that I would make sure everyone understood that Ginger had done all the hard work when she created the original .cut fle for DS. 

So please make sure to thank Ginger for all her hard work!  You can find Ginger's original thread about her .cut file and pics of her Ghirardelli candy box here:

If you have DS and want Ginger's .cut file, follow the above link back to Ginger's original thread on the Cricut MB.  There you will find the link to her original .cut file in the first posting.

In researching all of this, I found that Ginger had gotten her idea from a post on the Cricut MB from SherylGreene.  Sheryl had made some of these boxes for Christmas.  You can find Sheryl's blog with pics of the boxes she made by following this link:

I didn't find Sheryl's thread on the Cricut MB, but I do remember seeing her post these cute boxes before the holidays.  I think I even thought, ooh - you could make that in DS.  I don't believe that Sheryl used her cricut to cut out the actual boxes, but she simply used it to cut out the emblishments she put on top of them.  On Sheryl's blog, she credits getting the idea for the boxes to "blog hopping" on old posts she had saved.  This particular idea she got from Shelly Hopps' blog.  On Shelly's blog, she shares detailed instructions on sizes of paper needed and how to manually cut and fold these ghiradelli  boxes - all without a Cricut! (Surely not!)  Her original post sharing this information was from 2 years ago in Jan. 2008!  You can find Shelly's blog with the detailed photos and directions here:

So, even if you don't have a Cricut but stilll want to create these cute little boxes you can.  Simply follow the above link back to Shelly's blog to get all the information that you need.  However, her instructions are also helpful if you are using your Circut but are not sure how and where to score, fold and glue.

So, thanks to CrazyScrapper who needed help converting Ginger's .cut file to a Gypsy file, GingerSuttle for creating the origianl .cut file for these boxes, to SherylGreene for posting her creations from Shelly Hopps' directions to give Ginger the idea for her .cut file, and Shelly Hopps for posting the original directions . . .

 here at long last is the Gypsy file for use with your Circut and your Gypsy.  Please note, the cartridge used is George, the file is on a 12/x12 mat, however, it can easily be converted to a 6x12 mat (in fact Ginger has it laid out already on only half of the 12x12 mat) so no matter what machine you have, the original Cricut (Baby Bug), the Create or the Expression you could easily use one of these files to create some of these wonderful creations!  Have fun and let us see what you create!  You can add pics of your creations to Ginger's original thread listed above or let us know where to see pics of your creations!

Download the Ghirardelli Box for the Gypsy here.

I cut both Ginger's .cut file with DS and the converted Gypsy file out and both worked fine.  My sample cuts pictured above are not as "pretty" as Ginger's, Sheryl's, or Shelley's as they were only meant to be samples to make sure the cut files were working properly. Please let us know if you encounter any problem with either file.  Thanks and have fun!