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Monday, March 1, 2010

Notecard Organizer Box - Expression and George cartridge needed

Hello.  Here is a great Notecard Organizer Box.  I have created it as both a DS .cut file and a .gypsy file. Due to its size, you will need the Expression, the George cartridge and a 12x12 mat.  I may try to get it into an .svg file shortly for my SCAL and MTC friends.  Just so many hours in my day however so it may be just a bit!  If anyone really wants it as an .svg, let me know by commenting here and I'll try to push it up more on the "to do list".  If I don't hear from anyone then I may just leave it "undone"!

The directions and information for this file was given to me by Margaret  or mlharrell on the Cricut MB.  DazyCutr (Rheba) and I went to Margaret's last week and we made some of these cute boxes. The box pictured on the top left is the box I made at Margaret's.  We used a hole punch for the scalloped edges on the half circle cutout.  I told her then I would probably be making a .cut file (since I am handcutter and ruler challenged) and so it would be easy to make more.  So here it is Margaret!  Thanks for sharing it with me!

 It is my understanding that the directions were given to Margaret from her Stampin Up sales woman/friend, Kathy Hines.  The directions/info. I have says the original file was created by Lauren Meader and modified by Kim Cagle.  So thanks also to all of you for sharing this cute box and I hope that no one objects to me creating files for use with the Cricut, Design Studio and/or the Gypsy.  Unfortunately, I have no information on how to contact the orginal creator.  However, besides crediting them here, you will find credit given to them on the last page of the .cut file (I deleted it from the .gypsy file since it just cluttered up the file the way the gypsy shows all pages!)

I am also including a PDF file that shows the three pages of the .cut file with the score lines marked and the sizing of each piece of paper.  I did combine the Front Decorative Mat layer with the Front Panel on the first page of the .cut file.  You will probably want to use two different pieces of paper here that contrast.  The PDF file also tells the measurements used so if you don't have the Cricut you could probably still use it to hand cut the pieces you need and make the box.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with any of the files.  I'm thinking about making a video of how to put the box together but not sure I am willing to go there just yet.  However, DH did get me a Flip HD last year for my bday so I have the equipment just not the guts yet!  LOL

So, without further ado here are the files you will need to download.

Download the Design Studio .cut file for the Notecard Organizer Box here.

Download the Gypsy file for the Notecard Organizer Box here.

Download the PDF file for the scorelines and other information for the Notecard Organizer Box here.