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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brownie Mix Gift Box - Requires Expression 12x24 and George Cartridge

Okay, CrazyScrapper also wanted help with another file.  This one was a "Gift Bag Carrier" for a box of Brownie Mix with a side pocket for a spoon or whisk.  Due to the size to cut, you will need the Expression machine, a 12x24 mat with 18"x10" paper at least, and the George cartridge.  There are cut files here to share that I have created for both the Design Studio (DS) software and the Gypsy.  If anyone wants one for SCAL see the link below to Jamie Lane's blog. 

The paper I used was a piece of the 12/x24 K&Co. pad that I found at our local Michael's.  I'm not crazy about the designs in it but hey, its larger paper with designs. I hope they come out with more and better designs this size like some other K&Co. paper I do like!  The card was made with Wildcard and leaves from anothr cartridge (sorry, don't remember which one!)
CrazyScrapper first saw the idea for this box on NikkiGirl's blog which you can find here:

Nikki mentions on her blog that she had created a .cut file in DS using the George cartridge to make her box. Unfortunately, for CrazyScrapper and me, she hadn't shared her actual cut file.  She did however mention that she had seen the idea on Jamie Lane's Blog but that Jamie only had the file for SCAL which Nikki didn't have.  So, I followed Nikki's link back to Jamie's Blog here:

Since CrazyScrapper needed a Gypsy file, I followed the link from Jamie's blog to her word document which shows the basic layout with cuts and score marks.  (The cuts are the red and geen lines, the score lines are the black lines).  So, based on Jamie's word document, I also created my own DS .cut file using the George cartridge for this brownie mix gift box.  Once I had the DS .cut file (I used DS because I wanted to work with the bigger screen on my computer and thought it would be easy to convert), I attempted to convert the file to a Gypsy file.  Well, that was easier said then done for a lot of reasons (some of which I plan to report to PC as bug/issues!!).  However, not to be out done by a crazy Gypsy, I finally managed to get a .gypsy cut file for CrazyScrapper to use. (I basically went back to the "drawing board" and recreated the file a second time on the Gypsy).

Two things I will point out on the Gypsy file. First, all the cut lines can be seen in the preview mode when you first highlight the file but may not show on the screen when you open the file unless you Zoom in on those areas.  Second, it appeared from Jamie's file that her basic layout was about 17.25"x10".  This is what size I created the file in DS and it worked to hold the Brownie Box.  However, when I used those same measurements on the Gypsy file, the file cut shorter then 17.25".  I had to bump the size up to 19"x10" to get it to cut out to the same size as the DS .cut file!  HOWEVER, I only used a 12x18 piece of paper so no way did it cut out at 19"! As a matter of fact, I measured the cut out and it WAS NOT 19" but about 17.25".  I put together mockup cuts of both DS and the Gypsy files and they look identical in size!!  Go Figure.  (If anyone ever wants to know the other crazy things the Gypsy did when working with these files, bring over a bottle of wine or margaritias sometime and we'll chat!  LOL)

You can Download the DS .cut file here.  You can Download the Gypsy cut file here

If you have SCAL, you can go to Jamie Lane's blog link I provided above and download her .scut file from there.  She didn't provide the file in an .svg format so my Make The Cut friends are out of luck for now unless someone wants to convert it to a .svg and/or MTC file. LOL  (Sorry, I'm done with this file for now! LOL - I might do it later!)  As I already noted, you can go to Jamie's blog to get the scoring information in word format at the above link as well.

We have new neighbors moving into the neighborhood that we already know so I think that I will use this to take them a "welcome to the neighborhood gift"!  They know my kids keep me too busy for me to have time to actally bake the brownies myself!  LOL Thanks CrazyScrapper for pointing me towards this box idea.