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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Circus Party Invitation or Card

"Closed Card" with pullout tab
Regular Card with no tab

Sorry.  Circus Week was interrupted by a trip out of town to our State's High School Volleyball Tournament last week with my DD and her team. They came in 3rd!  Not what they hoped for, but still a great showing!!  Then I have been trying to catch up on being gone for most of the week last week! Now club VB tryouts have begun and DS has finished football and Basketball has begun!

Anyway back to the Circus one more time!  LOL  One of the ladies at our school saw the circus decorations we made for our carnival and said "hey" I could use those for my son's birthday party and make it a circus theme and save lots of money!  However, to do that, she wanted a circus tent invitation to send out and asked for my help in creating one for her to use.

Open Card with Tent Insert
Since I already had the Carousel Lite Cartridge, I whipped her up a couple of ideas to pick from.  Both used the circus tent from the cartridge but one opened up completely like a regular card and one was sealed all the way around except for the very bottom. I refer to it as the "Closed Card."  I added a tab place at the bottom (using the George Cartridge circle) to pull out the "insert".  I think you can see this in the pictures.  Then, I gave her the choice of creating a "tent" insert or a ticket to put the party information on.  She elected to use the ticket and the tent invite that was closed but pulled out from the bottom. 

Open Card with Ticket Insert
I think they turned out really cute and she was pleased with her options. 
So, as not to let them sit around unused on my computer I am sharing my files here. SInce I used PC's Carousel Lite cartridges I only have files for Design Studio and the Gypsy available here at this time.  If you really like this idea but don't have either Design Studio, a Gypsy and/or the Carousel Cartridge,  I am sure that you can google circus tent and find some clipart to use to create a .svg for use with Make the Cut (MTC) or with Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or whatever software and/or cutter you might have.  You can also easily create a "ticket" by cutting out a rectangle and using a small circle punch on each of the four corners (cut a half circle on each corner).  I haven't had time to try to find another circus tent image and create either a .mtc or .svg file myself sorry!

Download the Circus Tent Card/Invitation .cut file for DS using the Carousel Lite and George Cartridge.

Download the Circus Tent Card/Invitation .gypsy file for Gypsy using the Carousel Lite and George Carts.

Note: George was used to create half circle needed for thumb pull out tab.  Any circle can be used.

This shows Fold and Glue Lines

The file contains multiple pages, the first page cuts 2 red bases with the thumb tab, the second page cuts 4 of the white stripe overlays, the third page cuts 2 of the tent insert card, the fourth page cuts 4 of the ticket inserts, and the 5th page cuts 1 red base without the thumb tab for a traditional card that opens completely.  To create the pull out card simple fold in the middle of the card lining up all sides.  Then add a thin strip of glue or double stick tape to the top and right side of the card leaving the bottom open to pull out the insert.

This shows "Closed Card" with Tent Pullout

"Closed Card" with Ticket Pullout

Please feel free to leave me a comment especially if you have any questions on my files.  If you do have a question, please leave me an e-mail address to contact you at.  I will remove your address before publishing the comment.  Thanks for stopping by.