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Friday, November 12, 2010

Purse Gift Card Holder

Hello.  I've been working on this file and had meant to get it up earlier this week.  I had my crafting buddies (Names in ( ) are names used on CricutMB), Rheba (DazyCutr), Margaret (mlharrell) and Kristen (KristenLong) try my files out on Tuesday. They seemed to work for them.  Then I had to find time to do all the work needed to get them on the blog to share.  That can be a time consuming process!  LOL  Then I had a busy week with other stuff so here it is Friday and I think I am ready to put these up.  I an uploading a pdf file showing the score lines.  However, PLEASE NOTE, the score line file is NOT to scale.  It couldn't be to get it on a printable 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper.  It is for visual use only.  One day I will get down putting score lines in my projects themselves.  Jsut haven't gotten there with this one sorry!  LOL

I got the idea for this file when I saw a Purse Gift Card Holder at a local large box retail store and thought "hmmmm. . . . . I could probably make that!"  So I did.  The "purse" opens and sort of "pops up" the gift card.  The original file size needs a larger mat than 12x12 (the 12x24 mat on the Cricut).  Paper size needed is 19" long for those with other cutters.

However, I thought that most people would prefer to use the 12x12 mat and 12x12 paper so with some work, I was able to create a file that cuts separate pieces that you need to glue together.  There are really only 2 parts that you have to cut, but the file does have a back "overlay" piece for those anal people who don't want the "overlap" of the two pieces showing.  You can overlap the two pieces either on the inside or on the outside (this looks good if you use contrasting patterned paper for the top and bottom pieces!)

Without further ado, here are my files.  There are files for Make the Cut (MTC) and .svg for those with other software and/or cutters.  I created my original files in MTC and then exported them out to .svg.

Download the Large Mat (12x24) 1 Piece Make the Cut (.mtc) cut file here.

Download the Small Mat (12x12) 2 piece Make the Cut (.mtc) cut file here.

Download the Large Mat (12x24) 1 Piece .svg file here.

Download the Small Mat (12x12) 2 piece .svg file here.

Download the .pdf file showing the score lines here.

Download the .pdf file showing the glue lines for the 2 piece file here.

The handle of the purse can either be made in a couple of ways. The one I saw basically used a pipe cleaner and did not put holes but just put it around the sides and folded it inside. I punched small holes and used pipe cleaners and or small wire and added some cheap beads I had just to see how that would look. Feel Free to use your imagination!! I only show pics of ones wit the beads.  The pipe cleaners also worked well. Then you put a piece of velcro to hold the purse flap down.
Thanks for stopping by.  Please show me what you make with the files.  I love to see that people actually use my files!  LOL  Pictures of mine are just "rough mockups" of the files to make sure that they really work! Would love to show some really blinged out! Hopefully with the pics and the .pdf files you will be able to figure out how to put this together.  If not, please leave me a comment with any questions.  Leave your email if I need to contact you.  I will not publish the email address.

2 pieces cut on 12x12 mat

2 pieces adhered together with top overlayed on outside

Where to Glue on Top Piece

Where to glue on bottom piece then adhere top and bottom together

1 Piece cut on 12x24 Mat - no gluing or joining pieces needed!