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First a note about my files:

All my files are for personal use. I do not charge for any files I create. I share them here for others to use for personal use only. Please do not use them to submit for contests, etc. without getting my permission first. Please give credit where credit is due. I will try to do the same. This means I will try to identify where I got an item or a project if I didn't create it myself and there is an identifable source. Sometimes however I use basic clipart or coloring pages. You may however share these files with others for their personal use (you may not charge for them - you may pass them on for free) or you may point them here to my blog to get the files themselves. If a download file is available, it will appear at the bottom of the post and will be in a different color text.

PLEASE NOTE: I reside in the USA where we use the MM/DD/YYYY date format on computers (and in everything else we do!) If you are outside the USA where they use the DD/MM/YYYY date format on computers, you MAY experience an "Unhandled exception" error when you try to open one of my Cricut DS files. It is an error related to the date format. An easy fix is available at SusanBlueRobot's Blog. Susan has a simple HexEdit program and directions which will allow you to alter the date so you can use the files. Note: This is only an issue if the save date of the file is after the 12th of the month! It is also only an issue with DS files. I have never seen this issue with MTC or SCAL.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Answers to Some Recent Questions

Hello. I wanted to stop and answer some questions I have recently gotten.

The first one was regarding my flower pot cards that I recently shared.  As I noted when I shared it, this file was created directly in Make The Cut and thus I only shared a .mtc file at that time.  I have had a couple of requests from people who do not have MTC but could use the file if it was in .svg format.  I'm sorry, but right now I have not created this file as an .svg file.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  One being that even though I own both MTC and SCAL2 - I pretty much only use my MTC software anymore for a variety of reasons. The second being time.  It takes times to convert the file and test the cuts and make sure everything works like it should before sharing the file.  I NEVER share a file unless I have test cut it myself to make sure that it works as it is intended.  As a result, I haven't had time to convert the file to an .svg file.  I'm not saying that I won't - but right now I don't have time, sorry!  Remember, you can get a free download of Make The Cut software and try it before you buy. (It will cut watermarks into your cuts until you purchase the license). I'm not an affiliate but think it is great and highly recommend it to anyone looking for software to use with electronic die cut machines.   Not only can it be used with Cricut machines, but it can be used with a variety of other cutters and that list continues to grow all the time.  Plus, I think it is more user friendly and easier for most people to learn and the developer is the one pushing the envelope with others trying to keep up. As a result, most of the files I share will probably usually be the .mtc file if that is where I created it.

Second - Dr. Seuss 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish files.  I regularly get requests for these files.  I only made them available for download for a limited period of time.  However, I am always happy to e-mail them to you for your PERSONAL USE only.  Leave me a comment requesting the file AND you MUST include your e-mail address (I will not publish the comment).  I can't send the files to you unless I have your email address.  Also, please note if you want the .mtc or .svg file types.  It may take some time for me to get back to you as I don't always check the blog for comments everyday.  However, I will also say that I have e-mailed this file to a large number of people in the past several months and no one even bothers to send back a quick note saying - thanks - got it so I'm left wondering if they went through.  I'm going out of my way to share these files with people and would appreciate an acknowledgement that you did in fact get them!  It's not really hard to do a quick reply to my email people!!  I simply want to know that you did get them.  Of course, if you also actually use them I would like to see what you did with them sometime!! Thanks!  I have had several more requests for these recently as Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up in March I gather and will be sending most of those out to those people today.  HOWEVER, I have had 1 request from a Melissa who DID NOT provide an email address.  If you are Melissa looking for my 1 Fish Files please leave me a comment with your email address so  I can forward them on to you.