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Monday, February 21, 2011

Diaper Card

My friend Margaret asked me to create a Diaper card for her several weeks ago.  I created the base card but wanted to use it to show my friends how easy it is to add a "texture" fill to it to basically create your own card with different "textures" or "background images".  For example, since this was a "Diaper Card" that you would use for a new baby - you might want to make one for a girl or for a boy - pink or blue - or if the sex is unknown - green, yellow, purple, etc.  You could find a "baby print" that you lik and "cut it out" of that paper, easy peasy.  However, what if I only had the paper in pink and it was for a boy.  Or, I couldn't find any baby paper that I liked in my stash.  You could create your own "texture" or find one online and use it to fill your image and then cut it out. If I have paper I want to use but its the wrong color, I can scan it in- change the color with a graphics program and add that as texture to my MTC file before cutting.

The pictures show the base card I originally created and cut out in white cardstock.  Then the other pictures show where I scanned in paper I had and made texture files out of them.  I then used those texture files to fill the image, print it on my printer, and then cut it out (spot on I might add!) with my MTC software and my Cougar cutter.  Notice how the "print" on the diapers is different!

Since I scanned in my "texture" from paper I had, I cannot share those "textures" with you.  However,  you can create your own very easily.  If you need help, in how to do that, check out Nelda's Tutorial she shared regarding "How to Convert Lettering Delights Paper to Seamless Texture for use in MTC".
 Click here to go to Nelda's Tutorial on her Blog.  Scanning your own paper in would work similiarly. You can also create your own textures, backgrounds using a graphics program or google for free textures.  Just remember that Andy (creator of MTC recommends texture sizes of around 256x256) so not to bog down your computer and memory.

As always - thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to leave a comment if any questions.  Would love to see what you do with any of my files.  (If I keep asking - maybe you will come back and share!  LOL)