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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easel Christmas Card - Print and Cut with Make the Cut and your Cricut

Andy, the awesome developer of the Make the Cut  (MTC) software released the official 3.2 version of MTC just before Christmas.  As I have said before, if you haven't checked out MTC you need to!!  With this latest release, you can do so much more like rhinestones, lattice work, words in a circle (or any other shape you desire!)  PLUS, you can now use your cricut to do Print and Cuts (or any other machine MTC now works with including the Cougar machine). MTC's print and cut will allow me to pull in ANY image that I want WITH Colors and TEXTURE, print it, or even break it into layers if I want and print those layers, change the colors and textures and so much more!!!  I simply need a cutter like my Cricut or my workhorse Cougar machine, a regular printer and the MTC software.  I already had all 3 sitting in my craft room so no new machine purchases needed for me and I'm limited only by my own imagination - not someone elses!!!  What more could a girl ask for!!  LOL

Here is a simple easel card using print and cut that I did for a Christmas Challenge.  I love the Mouse so I found this image pulled it into Make The Cut, printed it to my printer, then lined it up on my mat and then cut it out.  I changed some of the colors used even.  Notice the colors of his shoes - they should be yellow BUT here they are red!!  I haven't had time to really play around yet with this feature but hope to soon!!

 If you want to find out more about the Make The Cut software I would suggest that you go to the MTC forums to learn more.  There are also great tutorials and information out there from a variety of people.  Julie runs a MTC Tuts Yahoo group that you can sign up for and Rob from ScrappyDew has some great basics beginners videos.  You can download a trial of MTC at No Cost so you can give it a try before you buy and see if it is something for you.  I'm not selling - just a happy customer who thinks you will love all you can do with it to!