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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gypsy is here and I like it!!

Just wanted to give a quick update to my blog.  I probably won't have any other posts this week.  I did get my Gypsy last Thursday from HSN.  I didn't get it until late Thurs. night when I got home from DS's MS football game (darn UPS man!!!).  Then our school carnival was Friday so I was at school on Friday for about 15 hours getting it set up, having the carnival, and tearing it down then sitting through our HS major rival football game (we won!!  YEA!!).  That combined with my cervical disk issues rearing its ugly head again last week and well I haven't had too much time to play or create and when I did, I was playing with the Gypsy!!  I think I have a good handle on it now.

 I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND - downloading the user manual from the gypsy's site and reviewing it ALL carefully!!!  You can find it here.

I would also RECOMMEND that you "think before you link".  I have had mine for almost a week now and I have not linked a single cartridge that I own.  I wanted to make sure I loved this tool BEFORE I LINKED. I will probably start linking carts by the weekend at the latest.  Remember, linking your carts makes it not possible to return your Gypsy if you don't like it.

Couple quick notes about using the Gypsy:  **First, the Power button IS NOT the small silver button on the right top side.  It is a black button on the SIDE of the Gypsy on the right! Hold it in briefly. **Second, you don't have to keep "tapping" the screen - you can tap once and hold and it will continue until you untap.  For example:  increasing the size of something, tap and hold on the round size up or down circles will continue to increase or decrease size! ** You don't have to click precisely on a line of an object to select it like in DS. Just click somewhere on the object. ** Finally, you can change the default height of the cursor while nothing else is selected on the screen - this changes the "default" size of the images that you add to your screen.  (See page 28 of the on-line user manual!).  HTH

There are glitches with it, as there always are with the first release of any technical tool like this.  They have given one update to add the copy and paste feature it was missing (couldn't believe that!) BUT you still can't swap DS .cut files to the Gypsy or Gypsy files to DS.  They are suppose to be working on that and hopefully it will be coming soon.  I do believe that PC will keep working to improve this product. I promise to come back soon and share what I have been learning!  Take Care!